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The carpet has a sticky texture to it. I’ve wiped it down, but it needs a deep clean to get it all out. They’ve caused this damage so they should hold their hands up and pay for the cleaning bill.

Tony croston, Owner at Inn on the Prom Hotel, responded to this reviewResponded today Hi many thanks for taking the time to …

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Carpet Cleaning Services South Shields Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez made their red carpet debut at the 2021 Venice Film Festival’s … as she has her own projects and life happening. You Might Also Like A Cleaning Expert Explains the … Anthony’s Carpet Cleaning Lancaster Ca How To Clean Up Human Diarrhea On Carpet The Roomba j7+ can also avoid

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"Only reason why not a 5 star review is that there was a couple of sticky bits on the carpet, maybe from sweets … "Got excellent service from very helpful reception gent called muneeb.